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At the November 2010 meeting the Parish Council adopted a Complaints Procedure which was reviewed in 2012. This procedure can be viewed by clicking on the following link Complaints Procedure .

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At the November 2008 meeting of Strensall and Towthorpe Parish Council it was agreed to accept the recommendations received from the Information Commissioner's Office regarding the requirements to publish a scheme which provides information either via the web site, or by application to the Parish Clerk, on the documentation held by the parish council. Details of the scheme can either be obtained from the Parish Clerk, at the address shown at the foot of this page, or click on the link Model Publication Scheme .

This scheme was introduced on 1st January 2009.

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Strensall Common is owned by the MoD and is governed by an 1884 Act of Parliament which allows the Military to prevent access to any one which is likely to interfere with their training arrangements.

The MoD wish to encourage members of the public to use Strensall Common for recreational and leisure purposes and have spent a considerable amount of money in conjunction with Natural England to make access easier where possible.

Following recent problems of access to part of Strensall Common the Parish Council have been advised that with effect from Monday 17th December 2007 the MoD will arrange to unlock all the gates to the Range Area when firing is NOT taking place.

One hour before firing is due to start a Klaxon will sound at each of the gates which will be locked to prevent unauthorised access to the Range Area.

Notices indicating the revised arrangements together with safety instructions will be exhibited at each gate as will red warning flags. 

Members of the public are requested to read and abide by the instructions on the notices for their own safety.

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The monthly reports are no longer issued by North Yorkshire Police to the Parish Council with effect from March 2016.

Crime Statistics are now available for you to view on the North Yorkshire Police website and this service is available for anyone to use.   To access this you will need to follow the below instructions:  On the North Yorkshire Police homepage On the right hand side you will see a box saying ‘Your local police’.   Using the map in this box, click on ‘York’ and on the next screen select ‘York North’.  This will open the York North page and click ‘Find crime information for your street’.   Type in your village name e.g Strensall and click ‘Go’.  This will display a map with the crime statistics for your area and you can also view the individual crime information.


If you have any incidents to report please contact North Yorkshire Police on Tel 101 no matter how minor.

This way we can have a clearer picture of crime & anti social behaviour within the Parish.


Andy Smith PCSO 5520

* * *       


Damage    22 

Burglary   18 

Drugs        4  

Other        18  

Theft         23 

Vehicle    9 

Violence  105

 TOTAL                              199    222 Last Year



                The yearly figures show a reduction in all categories of recorded crime across your ward during this year with the exception of violence which has increased but is again in the main relating to incidents at Stockton Hall. There is not much more to say regarding the year end figures except that they are very pleasing in every recorded category and that there are no major issues across your ward at this time.



 * * *

From 5th January 2015 the following PCSO’s will be covering the North area which includes your Ward…

 PCSO 5637 Jimmy HANNON

PCSO 5562 Justin PIERCY

PCSO 5652 Melanie PARKIN







North Yorkshire Police is recruiting for volunteer police officers, known as “Specials”, who can use their skills and local knowledge to enhance the service provided by North Yorkshire Police.


Special Constables work on the front-line, and provide a vital link between local people and the police service.  They play a crucial role in fighting crime and making our county safer.


North Yorkshire Police is looking for people from a variety of backgrounds, age-groups and walks of life, who could commit four hours per week to helping their community.  Full training is given.


If you are interested, please visit for more information or to complete a short Expression of Interest Form.


The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 29 August 2014


ps:  Reading this too late?  Don’t worry.  North Yorkshire Police will be recruiting again in the New Year. 



Your Safer Neighbourhood Team would like to remind local residents of the importance of securing your home and property. You may not have been a victim of a crime but some simple security measures can help to make sure you and your property are as safe as possible.


Consider extra security measures such as:










These measures would make it more difficult for an offender to take or damage your property, but more importantly they  provide a very effective visual deterrent.


If any advice is needed on the security of your property or if you have had any problems with security issues please feel free to contact your SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM on:




or e-mail


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